During only my second day in Oslo we hit the ground running as the team and I covered Musikkfest 2017. The day was disorienting to say the least, with one concert and venue after the other I didn’t even attempt to keep track of the time of day.

The first venue I encountered was at Lower Foss park where Sivert Sivertsen and his backing band were performing. At this time, I was thrown into music journalism in a trial by fire. It was both exciting and nerve-wracking to capture something that was so foreign to me. I took pictures of the band and then worked my way into the backstage tent following the end of the band’s set. In a wake of excitement following the show, Sivertsen and his band displayed high morale and eagerness to be asked questions, making my job easier and more enjoyable as well.

With my first band interview out of the way I felt ready to conquer the rest of the festival. Musikkfest came to a climax for me at the AKKS venue where we arrived between sets. While trying to figure out what band was playing next, I unintentionally came across a story idea that I would like to pursue further. We asked the name of what band would be playing next and were directed to Aria Rondseth, manager of the AKKS music venue. Rondseth informed of us of who was playing next and was also eager to be interviewed.

Rondseth displayed extreme interest in the subject of the presence of women in Norwegian music. Coming from the United States, I had thought that Norway would be more egalitarian within their music industry but Rondseth told me the country still has a way to go before women and men both have equal positions in music. Even though in Norwegian pop music there are many popular female singers, there are not many female instrumentalists.

Rondseth has begun to work on educating young girls on how to perform and play various instruments. I found this to be an incredible feat. Rondseth along with many other individuals are educating the next generation of pop stars and rock stars. This influence could be seen in the young female performers at multiple venues, such as 18-year-old singer-songwriter Daniela Reyes taking to the stage

Jack photo 2
Singer-songwriter Daniela Reyes is part of the next generation of musicians in the Norwegian music scene.


People like Rondseth are actively shaping the future of the Norwegian music industry and that is definitely worth looking into.