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By Leila Baxter

Lissie, an American singer-songwriter from Iowa was the scheduled headliner on the first day of Miniøya on June 9. She was booked on a flight to Norway right after her performance at Bonnaroo in the U.S. on June 7.

The festival had an autograph tent for all the headlining acts and yet Lissie’s name was not on the list. The day’s performances went smoothly and were filled with kids dancing and parents enjoying a day out. But after the second-to last-act the volunteer staff began asking us – the media – who the last act was going to be.

Lissie made an announcement on Twitter about her flight to Oslo. The flight was cancelled and she would not make it in time to perform. She apologized profusely saying had tried to find another way to get to Oslo, but she was unable.

Lissie's tweet announcing the flight cancellation and her apology.
Lissie’s tweet announcing the flight cancellation and her apology.

The volunteer staff appeared confused for about ten minutes and then let us know the organizer had secured another act on short notice – Daniel Kvammen, a Norwegian folk musician from Geilo, Norway. The two musicians are pretty equally well-known, but Lissie has an international following while Kvammen is almost exclusively known in his native country.

After his set Kvammen had to rush to another venue for his previously scheduled gig of the night. Kvammen has appeared at several Oslo festivals this month, including Musikkfest and Piknik i Parken.

No one seemed to be bothered by the change in artist. As long as the music was playing the festival-goers appeared happy.

Lissie is expected to make it to her other concerts in Norway. The next will be June 22 at the Steinkjer Festival in central Norway, followed by five other appearances in Norway in the coming year.


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