Oslo Pride Takes Over the Town

By Jenna Herrick The streets of Oslo were bursting with the colors of the rainbow and filled with music as the 36th annual Oslo Pride parade marched along to celebrate diversity. Tens of thousands of people marched in the parade on June 21, with groups ranging from the police and military,  a BDSM fetish club … Continue reading Oslo Pride Takes Over the Town


Cups for Kroner

By Jenna Herrick There are lots of sights to been seen at Piknik i Parken, otherwise known as PiPfest, in Oslo. Looking around, you'll spot musical performances, an abundance of food trucks, and children carrying large stacks of empty cups. Wait. What? Yes, dozens of four-foot-tall children walking around with stacks of cups almost as tall … Continue reading Cups for Kroner

Miniøya: A Child’s Paradise

By Jenna Herrick Miniøya festival at Tøyenparken offers everything an adult could ask for on the weekend: food, music and live entertainment. However, there's one catch: it's for kids only. Sure, kids are accompanied by their parents, but if adults arrive without a child under the age of 16, they won't be allowed in. An … Continue reading Miniøya: A Child’s Paradise

King Shway brings a little LA sound to Oslo

The 87-degree heat didn't stop Oslo-based rappers King Shway and Young Cisto from showing off their energetic dance moves at Musikkfest on Saturday, June 2. The two rappers drew a crowd on Torggata, a stone block street in front of Cafe Sør. When talking to King Shway and Young Cisto after the show, we not … Continue reading King Shway brings a little LA sound to Oslo