Oslo’s Hidden Gem: Hausmania

  “I really enjoy being a functional human being in the society, still living like this. This way of life is actually working out and I am actually happy with it.” Ida Frisch and her boyfriend, Martin Osvold, are temporarily crashing in an art studio in Hausmania, located in the center of Oslo, Norway. Hausmania … Continue reading Oslo’s Hidden Gem: Hausmania


Interview: “Drone” producer Jonathon Lie

Over the past several years the drone industry has grown rapidly. The origin of much of this development has rooted itself in North Dakota, as hundreds of businesses flock to the area to begin research and development of unmanned aircrafts and their accompanying technologies. The essential capitol of drone usage and development is the Grand … Continue reading Interview: “Drone” producer Jonathon Lie


Our team is focusing on creating a phone application that will entice first time voters to vote in the current presidential election, and in future elections. As the years have progressed, fewer individuals have voted.The lack of young voters is often due to lack of interest and misinterpretation of the voting process. To prevent such a pattern from continuing, our team has stepped up in order to rally the … Continue reading PALitics!